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Our mission is to promote the growth of an environmentally responsible and socially conscious legal cannabis trade in Santa Cruz County.

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GreenTrade is a coalition of local cannabis related businesses and organizations. Santa Cruz is home to hundreds of small and medium sized cannabis growers and businesses who, for years, have been the innovators in the industry and significant contributors to the economy. Working together, we will elevate and amplify the conversation around the social, therapeutic and economic benefits of cannabis in our community and raise awareness of the unique and unduplicated quality of the Santa Cruz “brand”.

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Your membership means you share a vision of best practices and high quality standards that preserve and expand our region’s unique role as industry leaders and innovators with a focus on public health, environmental stewardship, social benefit and product excellence. Your membership provides unmatched networking opportunities with top businesses, organizations and individuals who share a commitment to a responsible and prosperous new era. Your membership gives you access to reliable information about the rules, regulations, development and growth of the rapidly evolving cannabis industry.

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