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Draft Environmental Impact Report Released

The long awaited Draft Environmental Impact Report commissioned by the County Planning Department was released Aug 31st.  The public has until Oct 16 to submit comments before a final report will be completed and presented to the Board for certification.  It’s important to note that the completed EIR will not establish policy but will be used to inform policy makers as they consider a final ordinance.

Comments on the adequacy of the document including its assumptions and alternatives, are best made in writing to Matt Johnson, County Planning Department, 601 Ocean St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060 or via email to, however a public meeting will be held on Oct 2, 6PM at the BOS Chambers in the County Office Building where comments can be made in person.

You can access the document and all the appendices online here.  It is also available for viewing at the Public Library and at the County Office Building.

You can view the Powerpoint presentation given to the public and the Board of Supervisors via Google Docs here: DEIR Powerpoint Presentation  or you can download the document here: BOS 9-12 deir presentation v3