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Policy Goals

In recognition of the new post Prop 64 and SB94 realities we want the County to consider the  adoption of a fourth policy goal relative to local cannabis:  

Foster and support the economic sustainability of the local cannabis trade

In the short term Green Trade will continue to advocate for County action in the following areas:

  • Ensuring that local cannabis businesses in good standing are eligible to apply for state licenses at the earliest opportunity (Jan 1, 2018?)
  • Aligning the local ordinance with SB94, particularly definitions and license types
  • Creating a sustainable local tax policy
  • Creating a representative advisory board of stakeholders
  • Ensuring that WAMM is protected and eligible for state licensing

Among the specific actions we believe should be considered as soon as possible:

  • Creation of a registration program for manufacturers, distributors, transporters, nurseries and testing labs as a first step to allow local businesses to apply for state licensing.
  • Adoption of an emergency ordinance providing for interim or provisional authorization allowing local businesses in good standing to be eligible to apply for a state license.
  • Amend cultivation and manufacturing ordinances to more closely align with State law
  • Include cottage licensing
  • Strengthen the environmental best practices to reduce the use of pesticides, runoff, stream diversion, etc..  Maintain the ban on genetically modified cannabis.
  • Appoint an advisory group of stakeholders to study and make recommendations on a sustainable tax policy, code enforcement and other issues