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What’s In A Word?



What’s in a Word?

Close to 50 representatives of local cannabis businesses met at the last Green Trade Santa Cruz meeting at the Freight Building in Depot Park to get an update on local and state regulatory actions, exchange ideas, and discuss collective marketing strategies.

The entire gamut of cannabis related businesses were represented from growers, processors and retail to distribution, marketing, and service providers.  There were 19 who self identified as cultivators, 12 manufacturers, 5 Retail/Distribution and a dozen miscellaneous ancillary businesses, like suppliers, packaging, legal, accounting, etc..

Attendees were asked to share if their product or service uses “Santa Cruz” in their marketing and what terms do they think best describes Santa Cruz Cannabis

Terms like “healthy” “natural” “pure” “environmentally conscious” and “organic” were offered.  “Blessed”, “cool” “hip” “fair” “original” and “artisan” were also repeatedly mentioned.

“Passion”, “compassion”, “community” “stewardship” and “love” were other terms that resonated with the group.

There was general agreement that “high quality” should be a cornerstone of local products and services as a way of differentiating Santa Cruz from therest of the State. Adopting and setting high standards was seen as a necessary step to protect the brand.

Our unique legacy, was seen as a strong selling point. From the communes of the 60’s and 70’s, the birth of the American organic farming movement and the success of the Santa Cruz Mountain wine appellation,  to WAMM, and MAPS, Santa Cruz has a solid reputation for fostering pioneers, innovators and risk takers. Our significant contributions in genetics, research, cultivation methods, processing and handling should be spotlighted as well.  

We do it the “right way” was a common sentiment expressed.

The local lifestyle: “laid back” “stress free” “tolerant” “progressive” were coupled with surf, sun, sand and skateboards. Active and activists were popular terms but the response that drew the biggest reaction was simplyThe best weed in the world”.